This classic British MGB is paired with a modern electric powertrain


Fans of classic British sports cars will certainly know MG and one of its most iconic vehicles, the MGB Roadster. Many MGBs were built, the tune of more than 500,000, and 9 out of 10 were exported outside Britain. RBW Electric Classic Cars is now making the iconic MGB as a completely electric vehicle known as the RBW Roadster.

The vehicle has a range of 160 miles from its six lithium-ion batteries. Drivers can choose up to two additional batteries is an option. The manufacturer says that with an optional seventh battery installed, the range increases to 200 miles. Presumably, adding the eighth battery would tack on another 40 miles of driving range.
The vehicle offers 70 kW of power output and supports 3.0 kW DC charging. To recharge the car thoroughly takes eight hours. The company points out that the car is insurance brokerage compliant, which presumably means it can be covered by regular insurance. RBW has adapted the vehicle to use five stud wheels, updated the driveshafts, and uses Gen 3 bearings for longevity.
The suspension uses double-wishbone technology designed specifically for the car combined with coil-over dampers. The brakes are OEM discs and calipers with regenerative braking capability. The interior is covered in leather with the choice of five different colors. Other interior touches include satellite navigation, camera inputs, electric windows, and a touchscreen infotainment system.

RBW offers both soft and hardtop options, and there are 14 colors to choose from. It’s not clear if the vehicle is built on a restored original MGB or uses a reproduction body. The vehicles are highly customizable, and pricing depends on the options chosen. Rarely are classic cars converted to EVs what most would consider affordable.

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